Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is the point of this blog?

The point of this blog is to make a compilation of black people privileges.

2. This is stupid. There’s no such thing as black privilege.

It is more prevalent than you think. There are a lot of examples to back up and clarify this if you need it. If you’d like to refute each and every one of them, you’re welcome to try.

3. I’ve heard of white privilege before, but black privilege is just ridiculous!

There are privileges to each and every race, this is just a site dedicated to black privileges. It’s to educate the uneducated. That is all.

4. You’re making racism worse by acknowledging race, you know. We’re all a part of the human race.

Race is a social construct. It is often used as a motivation for murder, genocide, war, and other terrible things. Those things have happened because the general population (including every race in this country) hasn’t taken the time to learn about separation in this country. Most are blindly led by a government manipulating social construct in order to get reactions out of the uneducated and naive. This blog is simply a place where we can see the differences to acknowledge them and consciously make a change.

5. I’m black and I love this blog, but the language you use seems so hostile and alienating. Why do you do that?

Part of black privilege is that society is crafted to appeal to you. This blog, however, is a space for all people no matter their skin tone. It is one that all people can be included in as a whole, but does not craft it’s message specifically for black people. Therefore, you will naturally feel as if you are in a hostile environment. You will naturally feel alien. If you feel bad, it just means you’re taking the first important step.


I, in no way, encourage this kind of foul, demeaning talk. I get that you want to help fight the discrimination, but it’s weird. If you’re black and want to express that you like the blog, just say that you like the blog.

7. How come you didn’t post my message/submission?

If I don’t post your submission, it’s probably because it’s too general, has been done before, I didn’t really think it counted as an example of black privilege, or is just plain old racism. There is a difference between what you see and experience from black privilege, and downright trying to hurt people of color. If you don’t post your message, it’s probably because I’m tired of talking about a particular subject, or your message made me uncomfortable.

8. Who are you anyway?

I’m a fairly well-known blogger, and I want to keep this blog completely separate from my other one. I understand personal need to attack me, but I choose to keep myself away from it.

9. Where can I send media inquiries?

Message me here and I’ll send you my email address.

10. Anything else?

I’m nice! I don’t want anything here to make it seem like I’m off-putting or don’t like getting messages or hearing from everyone who loves the blog or has questions. Always feel free to message me.

11. This site isn’t fair for PoC. We went through years of discrimination and slavery because of white supremacy.

This site is completely fair. As adults, I hope we can discuss this subject. Slavery was done by white people, but not me. Slavery was also probably not done directly to you. I understand feelings of hatred towards white people, but I did not choose for any of this to happen.
Though not as vast or lucrative as white privilege, and often stemming from racist stereotypes, black privileges are proof that negativity can work in PoC favor.

If a black family moves into a white neighborhood, they will probably feel targeted and alienated,
as a white family moving into a black neighborhood.
If a neighborhood of people all have Mercedes, and one person has a V.W. they will probably feel the same way.
It’s how we learn to deal with the information.

12. What is PoC/WoC?

PoC stands for people of color & WoC stands for women of color.

Feel free to ask more questions!